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Discover the world of Steampunk in Millennium FANDOM BAR's latest blog entry, part of our 'Cocktail Deep Dive' series. Learn the history, aesthetics, and philosophical layers behind this intriguing subculture. From Victorian elegance to complex machinery, Steampunk offers a unique blend of past and future. Join us for our annual Steampunk Night on September 16th to experience it all. 'Cosplay or not, Let's Fandom!

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Celebrate Batman's fascinating evolution from Golden Age cheese to Modern Day grit at Millennium FANDOM BAR this Batman Day, September 15th! We dive deep into how Batman has transformed to reflect society's changing attitudes towards heroism. Join us at 8pm—'Cosplay or not, Let's Fandom!' 🦇

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Celebrate Star Trek Day with us at Millennium FANDOM BAR! Dive into the captivating history of Star Trek cosplay, which dates back to the first-ever convention in 1969. We'll beam you into the Star Trek universe, where the cosplaying culture thrives and Trekkies boldly go where no fan has gone before. Don your best Starfleet uniform, Vulcan ears, or Klingon armor, and join us for an interstellar Cosplay Voyage. Live long and prosper, and remember: 'Cosplay or not, Let's Fandom!' 🖖

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Discover the art of mocktails with Millennium FANDOM BAR's latest blog post! We're diving into our new menu that includes 7 tantalizing mocktails, each crafted to delight your palate in unique ways. Perfect for those looking for non-alcoholic options without sacrificing flavor. Also, don't miss our Pokemon Night on September 2nd!

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Join us at Millennium FANDOM BAR for an unforgettable edition of 'Inside the Director’s Cut' featuring filmmakers Guillermo E. Barahona C. & Rose Donahue. Dive into their compelling short films 'Moe' and 'Decision,' which touch on friendship, the immigrant experience, and tough life choices. Celebrate Nevada’s flourishing film community and mingle with like-minded film lovers. Don't miss out—'Cosplay or not, Let's Fandom!

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