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Get ready to unleash your creativity with our latest blog on Cosplay Crossovers! Discover how to blend your favorite fandoms into one epic costume for our upcoming Half and Half Mash-Up Party. It's time to mix, match, and amaze!

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Step into Regency Splendor!

Join us for an enchanting journey through time as we prepare for the 3rd Annual Bridgerton Regency Ball. Dive into the elegance and allure of the Regency era with our latest blog post, "The Allure of Regency: A Journey Through Time." Discover the fascinating history, breathtaking fashion, and the magical revival of Regency-inspired media. Get a sneak peek at the event highlights and find out how you can shine as the Diamond of the Season. Don’t miss out—read the full article and get ready to fandom like royalty!

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Gear up for May the 4th with our latest blog, 'Star Wars Lore: Unraveling the Myths and Legends'! Dive deep into the secrets of the Jedi Order, discover the intricate influences behind the saga, and explore legendary tales from the galaxy far, far away. Perfect for die-hard fans and newcomers alike. Join us at MFB this Saturday and let the Force guide you!

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Have you been to MFB and seen people having birthday cake, snacks, and generally having a good time? Well, here's how you too can have your next birthday, celebration, or office party at MFB! Birthday Fun Fact Did you know that the tradition of birthday candles originated in Ancient Greece? They believed that the smoke from the candles carried prayers to the gods. At MFB, we believe the smoke carries your wishes to the fandom universe! In general, any Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, you're welcome to show up with some food, invite your friends, and enjoy the ambiance. Feel...

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Dive into the shadows with our latest blog 🌑✨ Exploring the haunting melodies of Goth music from Sisters of Mercy to Bauhaus. Get ready for Goth Night with our special guest DJ this Saturday! 🖤 #GothNight #MFB #LetsFandom

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