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Delve into the shadowy realm of vampires with MFB's latest blog. From Jubilee's fanged turn to Batman's Gothic duel with Dracula, explore how these night stalkers have left their mark on our favorite fandoms. 🦇🍸 Join us for a 'Date With Darkness' and celebrate the eternal allure of vampires!

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Step into a realm where twilight whispers and Fae magic thrives at our Autumn Fae Masquerade! 🍂 Embrace enchanting elixirs, mystical masks, and a night of ethereal cosplay. Join us at MFB on Nov 11. #AutumnFaeMasquerade #MFBMagic

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Delve into the captivating world of rebellion and resistance as we explore some of the most iconic and creative cosplay ideas inspired by history, literature, and pop culture. From the enigmatic V of 'V for Vendetta' to the heroic Katniss Everdeen of 'The Hunger Games', discover how you can embody the spirit of uprising and make a powerful statement at our 8th Anniversary Party. Your costume is your canvas – let your imagination run wild and join us in celebrating fandom, community, and the fight for freedom. Read on to get inspired and start crafting your revolutionary look today!

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Before comic book heroes and blockbuster movies, there existed another universe woven with myths, gods, and human imagination. This Friday, that cosmos takes form at MFB's Toga Cosplay Party! Discuss fate and divinity over a cocktail with special guest Veranice Berry, author of the Egyptian Tale Series. Hercules or Loki, all are welcome!

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Get ready to unleash your dark side this October! Friday the 13th meets Halloween in Millennium FANDOM BAR's electrifying 'Horror Night Party!' Discover why this date is iconic in fandom, get your cosplay game on, and indulge in our spine-chilling cocktails. Cosplay or not, Let's Fandom!

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