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Join us at Millennium FANDOM BAR for an unforgettable edition of 'Inside the Director’s Cut' featuring filmmakers Guillermo E. Barahona C. & Rose Donahue. Dive into their compelling short films 'Moe' and 'Decision,' which touch on friendship, the immigrant experience, and tough life choices. Celebrate Nevada’s flourishing film community and mingle with like-minded film lovers. Don't miss out—'Cosplay or not, Let's Fandom!

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Explore the fascinating journey of Ahsoka Tano, from her beginnings as Anakin's Padawan to becoming a Star Wars icon. Dive into her legacy, her appearances in animation and live-action, and discover what makes her a beloved character. Join us for an unforgettable Star Wars Party at FANDOMBAR!

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COWABUNGA! 🐢 Join Millennium FANDOM BAR's TMNT Party on Aug 18 to celebrate "Mutant Mayhem"! Cosplay, pizza, and turtle power await. Dive into our spoiler-free review and event details. Let's Fandom!

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Prepare for liftoff as MFB hosts the launch party for the Star Trek Enterprise Blonde Ale on August 4th. A stellar meetup awaits you, along with a live podcast recording by the Trek Geeks Podcast Network. Join us as we celebrate the adventurous spirit of USS Enterprise!

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Join us on July 22 for our Think Pink! party inspired by the iconic Barbie and the upcoming movie. Embrace Barbie's pink world in your creative cosplay or in comfortable pastel beachwear. Great food, unforgettable memories, and a vibrant pink universe await you at Millennium FANDOM BAR.

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