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Step into a world where blockbuster films, mythical creatures, and the realm of humor collide to inspire your Pre-HALLOWEEN Party attire. Whether embodying the zeitgeist of a recent movie hit, or fusing universes in an imaginative mashup, you'll find endless possibilities for a costume that not only captures attention but also the spirit of Fandom. Unearth treasures in thrift stores, or captivate the crowd with the subtlety of a pun.

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Step into the limelight with Millennium FANDOM BAR's Broadway Musicals Cosplay After-Party! Join us for a night of show-stopping performances and don't miss 'THE HAMILTON,' our Revolutionary new signature cocktail. Whether you're a Broadway aficionado or just love a good show, this night promises to be unforgettable. 'Cosplay or Not, Let's Fandom!'

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Dive into the imaginative world of Tim Burton with our exclusive look at the 5 defining works that shaped film and art. From gothic romance to quirky comedies, explore the genius that is Burton. Join us in celebration and share your favorite Burton creation. Cosplay or not, Let's Fandom!

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Join us at Millennium Fandom Bar for a ghostly celebration of Disney's Haunted Mansion on August 12th! With movie easter eggs, cosplay contests, and a spectral atmosphere, it'll be a hauntingly good time!

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Join us as we swap out the Hogwarts castle for MFB and the chill of England for the heat of Vegas. Get ready to celebrate the summer with our Summer Break at Hogwarts event. Bring your House pride and a love for magical fun!

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