Out of the many things to do in Las Vegas, Millennium FANDOM BAR (MFB) is a one-of-a-kind gem. Visiting the bar is a transformative experience for anyone who enjoys pop culture, bonding over favorite fandoms and creating unique costumes -- aka cosplay! Bring your friends (or make some new ones!) to our Arts District location while sipping our signature themed cocktails & mocktails, and enjoy the food from the delicious The Meat Wagon. Dive into the worlds of your most loved movies, comics, video games, anime and many other unique subcultures. Join us for our weekly events such as Fandom karaoke, trivia or movie nights; our weekend cosplay parties are unlike anything else around. From pirates to princesses, sci-fi to superheroes, there is an event for everyone with creative costuming always encouraged. The community at Millennium FANDOM BAR is a magical “home away from home” providing you with a welcoming vibe that is truly rare in Las Vegas. You can feel comfortable knowing that you’re surrounded by nerds and geeky enthusiasts just like you.


A contraction of the word FAN and the suffix -DOM (as in kingdom). It's a term that refers to fan culture characterized by a sense of camaraderie with others. That's why at Millennium FANDOM BAR, there are no strangers -- only friends meeting for the first time. Our venue is a hub for cosplayers, a platform for fandoms galore.


“The cool decor, the cosplay, the reasonable prices, the art gallery..... all of that is simply just an added bonus.”

Regan J.

This place has not gotten the recognition it deserves. The customer service is fantastic. The employees have so much energy and love for the customers.

Roman M.

If you love Cosplay and a relaxing and chill atmosphere, this is the place for you!

Mandy L.

Fun place, cool drinks! There was never a moment we weren't enjoying ourselves. Good times!

Nathan R.

Best part is that every time I go I end up making friends and genuine connections. Being someone who is pretty awkward it's really awesome the way that works especially if you make your way to the gallery.

Allison B.