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Captain's Blog, Stardate 102023.25: The Gods Walk Among Us: A Night of Mythology and Magic at MFB

Captain's Blog, Stardate 102023.25: The Gods Walk Among Us: A Night of Mythology and Magic at MFB

Before the realm of comic book heroes and blockbuster movies, there existed another universe, an intricate tapestry woven with myths, gods, and the very fabric of human imagination. This universe stretched from the pyramids of Egypt to the fjords of Norse countries and spilled over into every culture in between. It's not a relic of the past; it's a living, breathing cosmos. And this Friday, that cosmos takes physical form at Millennium FANDOM Bar’s Toga Cosplay Party!

The Cast of Characters

You'll see Hercules mingling with Greek philosophers, or maybe even a mythological version of your favorite fandom character. Our guest for the evening, Veranice Berry, adds another layer to the mythological saga with her Egyptian Tale Series. Come discuss the intricacies of fate and divinity over a cocktail, or perhaps a mocktail if you’re the designated charioteer for the evening.

Fandom Factoid:

In ancient times, mythology acted as the original fandoms. People would gather and request their favorite storytellers to weave tales of Hercules, Perseus, and other heroes.

When Myths Collide

Can't decide if you're Team Zeus or Team Odin? Why not be both! Mashups and crossovers are not just a 21st-century phenomenon. Imagine a world where the Norse gods share mead with the Egyptian pantheon. That's the beauty of mythology; it transcends borders and eras, much like the fandoms of today.

Fandom Factoid:

Ancient Egyptian mythology wasn't just lore; it was life. Gods like Ra and Anubis were worshipped and consulted for practical decisions.

The Illusion and Reality of Loki

Ah, Loki. Both an ancient trickster and a modern-day heartthrob, thanks to Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal. But who is the real Loki? The shapeshifter who gave birth to Odin’s eight-legged horse, Sleipnir, as well as Fenrir and Jormungandr, or the anti-hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Fandom Factoid:

Loki remains a cosplay favorite, thanks to ancient lore and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the original myths, he was a shapeshifter who gave birth to Sleipnir, Fenrir, and Jormungandr.

The Real Heroes and Villains

While you’re donning your toga or tying your cape, remember that the heroes and villains we celebrate have ancient counterparts. Think Hercules was always the Disney darling? Think again.


Fandom Factoid:

The Disney Hercules movie played fast and loose with mythology. In the original myths, Hercules is not the son of Hera but the offspring of Zeus and a mortal woman.

Drinks of the Gods

When you’re at MFB, don’t forget to try out our god-themed cocktails. Whether it’s a splash of rum for that Caribbean charm or the heavenly nectar in our limited-time 'Honey Pot,' you're in for a divine experience.

Fandom Factoid:

Ingredients like rum and honey have historical ties to specific mythologies. Try ordering a Honey Pot, a sweet nectar worthy of the gods themselves.

A Toast to the Fandom

So, as you sip your divine brew and discuss the eternal questions with our special guest Veranice Berry, remember this: myths may age, but fandoms are forever.

Cosplay or not, let's fandom!

Toga Party Details?
Prepare to ascend from the mortal realm for one divinely epic night. On Friday, October 27, the Millennium Fandom Bar - Las Vegas invites you to its Mythology TOGA PARTY. Starting at 8pm, immortals and mortals alike are welcome (as long as you're 21+, of course!). And the best part? No cover charge!