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The world has been riding a rollercoaster lately, and it's impacted all of us in different ways. At Millennium FANDOM BAR (MFB), we've strived to create a haven where everyone feels welcome – a place that celebrates the arts, embraces all genders and backgrounds, and yes, even offers a nod to those brave souls who appreciated The Emoji Movie (we know you're out there!).

What is Glimpse?

It's your new favorite streaming sanctuary! Glimpse combines the live, interactive excitement of platforms like Twitch with the rewarding patronage system of Patreon. Tune in for exclusive content and become a part of our community's success story!

You're Not New, Just New Friends
As our favorite saying goes, "When you walk into MFB, you're not new – you're just new friends." This ethos is at the heart of the MFB Glimpse Supporters program. It's an avenue for you to be part of our vibrant community, even from afar. By joining, you'll get exclusive "glimpses" into our world with special streams and earn unique recognition in our community through special titles and permissions in our Discord server.

Your Support, Our Lifeline
We can't put it more plainly: we need you. Your support is the lifeline that allows us to host and enhance our events, making every MFB experience unforgettable. Whether you're active in our streams or silently cheering us on, your presence is valued and appreciated.

Flexible Support Tiers for Everyone
To accommodate everyone, we offer various support tiers: choose from $1, $3, $5, $10, $15 or $20 per month. Remember, every penny goes directly towards enriching the MFB experience with no fees. We're here to bring joy, connection, and a unique flair to your life, and your contribution helps us do just that. 

Are you a streamer?

Are you a streamer looking to share your passion and grow your audience? Join us on Glimpse using our special referral link , and you'll not only find a welcoming community of fans but also help support Millennium FANDOM BAR. As you thrive and prosper with your streams, you're also contributing to our story, helping us continue to create a space where fandoms can come alive. Sign up, start streaming, and let's succeed together!

Unlock Exclusive MFB Content

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at MFB? Become a Glimpse supporter and gain exclusive access to live streams, special events, and the heart of our fandom community, all while helping us grow and thrive!

A Heartfelt Thank You
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Your support means the world to us. Join the MFB Glimpse Supporters today, and let's continue to make magic together. You're not just supporting a bar; you're nurturing a community that adores and cherishes each of its members.