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Captain's Blog, Stardate 112023.22: The Royal Roster: Celebrating Disney's Unsung Royalty

Captain's Blog, Stardate 112023.22: The Royal Roster: Celebrating Disney's Unsung Royalty

As the last whisper of autumn's breeze gives way to winter's first chill, Millennium FANDOM BAR is transformed into an enchanted kingdom, ready to host an evening of splendor at the "Disney Prince and Princess Gala and Cosplay Contest." In our court, every character, from the most storied monarchs to those whose tales are whispered like secrets, is revered. For one magical night, we eschew the confines of box office acclaim, inviting all of Disney's nobility to step into the limelight.

Fandom Factoid: The Language of Wakanda

Wakanda's language in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Xhosa, a real-world South African language, chosen by actor John Kani, who plays King T'Chaka.

Wakandan Wonders: A New Age Royalty

Deep within the heart of a hidden Africa, a kingdom thrives, pulsing with the beat of advanced technology and ancient traditions. Wakanda's royalty, draped in the richness of their heritage and the courage of their convictions, stands as a beacon to the future. T'Challa, the Black Panther, and his ingenious sister Shuri, are not just monarchs but symbols of a new dawn for royal storytelling—a dawn we salute as we gather to celebrate their sagas.

Furry and Feathered Monarchs: The Animal Kingdom's Royalty

In the vibrant tapestries of Disney's realms, some rulers boast not of jewels but of fur and feathers. Maid Marian, Nala, and Faline reign over their domains with a majesty that requires no throne. They rule with heartbeats in tune with the earth, teaching us that true sovereignty is not claimed by sword but by spirit. We honor these regal beasts, whose tales are sung in the rustling leaves and the whispering grasses of the wild.

Fandom Factoid: Vanellope's Princess Anomaly

Vanellope von Schweetz from 'Wreck-It Ralph' is a unique Disney Princess who prefers racing over reigning and is the only Disney Princess who is also a president.

The Digital Dynasty: Princess Vanellope's Quirky Reign

In a kingdom coded from candy and dreams, Princess Vanellope von Schweetz races past the expected, her royal journey marked by laughter and the revving of engines. Her crown may be virtual, her court digital, but her story is as real and resonant as any fable of old. As we don our gala finery, may the misfit princess of Sugar Rush inspire a dash of the unconventional in our own regal portrayals.

Fandom Factoid: Tiger Lily's Heritage

Princess Tiger Lily in 'Peter Pan' represents the Native American culture and is the daughter of the Native Chief, showcasing Disney's early attempt at cultural inclusion.

The Forgotten Ones: Tiger Lily and Kidagakash

Shrouded by the mists of time and the shadow of other tales, Princess Tiger Lily and Princess Kidagakash stand resolute, their narratives rich with untold depths. Their silence in the Disney chorus does not diminish the strength of their sovereignty, for every forgotten prince or princess carries a kingdom within. On this gala night, let us bring their stories into the light, crowning them with the honor they duly deserve.

Fandom Factoid: Namor's Vintage Origins

Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner, one of Marvel's earliest characters, debuted in 1939, predating both Aquaman and Captain America.

Marvel's Majestic: The Inhumans and Atlanteans

With the flourish of a cosmic pen, the storied pages of Marvel have become part of Disney's grand legacy, bringing with them a pantheon of regal beings whose rule extends from the ocean depths to the silence of the moon. Black Bolt and Namor reign over worlds fantastical yet fraught with the weight of the crown. They remind us that to be royal is to be part of a story larger than oneself, a story woven from the very fabric of the universe.


Fandom Factoid: The Origin of Leia's Hair

Princess Leia's iconic hair buns were inspired by 'soldaderas,' women soldiers who participated in the Mexican Revolution, representing strength and independence.

Galactic Royalty: Princess Leia's Legacy

Amongst the stars, a princess of Alderaan ignited a rebellion with her courage and compassion. Princess Leia's legacy endures beyond the confines of her title; she is a bastion of hope, a leader whose royal heart beats not for the pomp of ceremony but for the cause of freedom. Her indomitable spirit transcends galaxies, and her presence at our gala—be it in spirit or in cosplay—honors the enduring power of a princess who became a legend.

Join Us!

The "Disney Prince and Princess Gala and Cosplay Contest" beckons you on November 25th. With no cover charge and a treasury of prizes for our best-dressed guests, this is an event for the ages. 'Cosplay or not, Let's Fandom!' and let the magic of Disney's kingdom come alive. The celebration begins at 8 pm, and remember, it's 21+ only—because even royals need to abide by the kingdom's laws.