I Drink and I Know Things - Bottle Opener

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  Unlock the secret to effortless beverage enjoyment with our 'I Drink and I Know Things' Special Edition Bottle Cap Opener. This opener isn't just a tool; it's a tribute to the legendary tales of cunning minds and the art of the festive toast, embodying the spirit of both classic fantasy and The Millennium Fandom Bar.


🍻 A Toast to Witty Ingenuity:

Distinctive Design: Fashioned in the shape of a giant bottle cap and adorned with our distinct 'I Drink and I Know Things' motif, this opener is a nod to the tales where knowledge and a good drink hold power.

Dual Opening Capabilities: Whether it's an ancient brew or a modern potion, the two different opening mechanisms on this opener ensure you're always prepared for the next round.

📚 Fantastical Functionality:

Magnetic Convenience: With a magnetic back, this opener sticks with you, attaching firmly to any metal surface in your castle, tavern, or modern kitchen.

Robust Build: The combination of a plastic exterior and metallic bottom guarantees durability, ready for the countless toasts and tales to come.

🛡️ Epic Aesthetic:

Matte Elegance: The matte finish adds a layer of sophistication, making this bottle opener not only a practical helper but also a stylish accessory for any fan of epic sagas.

Embrace the wisdom and merriment of legendary stories with the 'I Drink and I Know Things' Bottle Cap Opener. It's more than a mere gadget; it's a symbol of the joy found in wit, wisdom, and a well-opened drink. Prepare to elevate your gathering or solo sipping experience with a touch of fantasy and flair!


 Made in America