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Captain's Blog, Stardate 012024.30: Time Warp Again: The Unstoppable Cult of Rocky Horror

Captain's Blog, Stardate 012024.30: Time Warp Again: The Unstoppable Cult of Rocky Horror

Hey there, you creatures of the night and daytime dreamers, gather 'round! Millennium FANDOM BAR is about to crank up the dial on your usual Friday shenanigans. We’re not just throwing a party; we’re launching a full-blown intergalactic, time-twisting escapade into the heart of cult cinema. Welcome to THE ROCKY HORROR RENDEZVOUS, hosted with panache by Frankie's Favorite Obsession!

Midnight Movie Madness

'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' became a cult classic through midnight movie showings where audience participation transformed the experience into an interactive play.

Imagine a universe where the norm is flipped on its head, where the outrageous is the standard, and where your wildest fantasies don’t just come true – they do the Time Warp. That’s right, we’re diving headfirst into the gloriously twisted world of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show', a realm where fishnets are more common than fishing nets and corsets are the new black.

So, dust off your feather boas, polish those stilettos, and get ready to strut your stuff because this isn’t just another night in Vegas – it’s a foray into the fabulous. Whether you’re a hardcore Rocky Horror fanatic or a fresh-faced newbie wondering what the heck a ‘Transylvanian twist’ is, we’ve got you covered.

Join us as we celebrate the longest running movie of all time, a film that’s more than just a cinematic triumph – it’s a cultural phenomenon. Get set for a night of tantalizing trivia, luscious libations, and a parade of the most outlandishly fabulous characters you’ve ever laid eyes on.

And remember, at Millennium FANDOM BAR, it’s not just about watching the spectacle – it’s about being part of it. Don’t dream it; BE IT!

The Birth of a Cult Icon

Strap in, my fabulous fiends, as we rewind the clock to a time when bell-bottoms were all the rage and disco was dying a slow, glittery death. In the midst of this, a little-known rock musical called 'The Rocky Horror Show' hit the stage. Little did anyone know, it was about to morph into the cinematic juggernaut known as 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. A film, my dear friends, that was about to turn the 'meh' into 'yaaaas'!

When it first hit the screens, 'Rocky Horror' was, well, a bit of a wallflower. Critics didn't know what to make of it, and the box office was colder than a witch's brassiere. But then, something magical happened. The movie found its tribe - the night owls, the misfits, the dreamers, and the rebels. Suddenly, midnight screenings became a sanctuary, a place where the weird was celebrated and the mundane was left at the door.

But here's the kicker: Theaters, smelling opportunity like a shark smells blood, started hosting regular showings. Oh, but they didn’t just show the film. No, sirree! They turned it into an interactive carnival of chaos. Fans dressed up, shouted back lines, and danced in the aisles. It was more than a movie; it was a movement. This was the birth of a ritual, a rite of passage for those who dared to be different.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter's Inspiration

Did you know that Tim Curry's portrayal of Dr. Frank-N-Furter was inspired by old Hollywood? He based the character's accent on a mix of Queen Elizabeth II and the actress Clara Bow.

This, dear reader, is how 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' went from an underdog to a top dog, from a cinematic oddity to a cult icon. It wasn’t just a film; it was a phenomenon, a weekly celebration of the bizarre and the beautiful.

So, as we gear up for our own Rocky Horror Rendezvous, let’s tip our hats (or our antlers, if you prefer) to the film that taught us it's okay to be a sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania.

Dressing Up: More Than Just Costumes

Alright, glitter gang, let’s talk wardrobe – because in the realm of Rocky Horror, dressing up is not just a choice, it's a freaking commandment. It's the time to unleash your inner diva, your hidden alien, or that mad scientist lurking in your psyche. But here’s the juicy secret: It’s more than just playing dress-up. It’s about transformation, baby!

In the universe of Rocky Horror, those threads you don – whether it’s a corset tighter than a mouse’s sleeping bag or fishnets with more holes than Swiss cheese – they’re not just costumes. They’re your passport to a land of unapologetic self-expression. This isn’t just about mimicking Frank-N-Furter’s sass or Riff Raff’s creepiness; it’s about tapping into a part of you that’s itching for a spotlight.

A Step to the Right

'The Time Warp' dance from 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' is a worldwide phenomenon, often played at parties, weddings, and dance events around the globe.

But hey, let's say you're new to this galaxy of eccentric attire. Where do you even begin? Fear not, my fashion-forward friend! Vegas is a treasure trove of costume shops where you can find your perfect Rocky garb. Dive into thrift stores, raid those vintage boutiques, or scour online for that gold lamé that screams ‘I’m here to Time Warp and chew bubblegum, and I’m all out of bubblegum.’

And for the pièce de résistance, remember it’s all in the attitude. Strut your stuff like you own the stage at Frankenstein Place, because when you’re at the Rocky Horror Rendezvous, you’re not just dressing up – you’re stepping into a character that’s as real as you make it. So cinch up, lace up, and slap on that makeup. It’s time to be loud, proud, and fabulously endowed in whatever makes you feel like the star of your own show!

The Time Warp: Music and Mayhem

Okay, time to crank the dial to eleven and riff on the rockin’ heartbeat of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' – the music! If Rocky Horror is the electric church of cult cinema, then its hymns, my dear sinners, are the songs that make your bones wanna boogie and your soul wanna sing.

Top of the charts, the crown jewel, the crème de la crème is 'The Time Warp'. It’s not just a song; it’s a full-body experience. This tune grabs you by the lapels and tosses you into a dance frenzy. It's the kind of song that makes your feet tap, your hips shake, and before you know it, you're doing the pelvic thrust (and it really drives you insa-a-a-a-ne).

But let’s not stop the jukebox there. Rocky Horror’s soundtrack is a smorgasbord of glam rock, punk attitude, and Broadway pizzazz. From the soul-quivering 'I’m Going Home' to the sultry 'Sweet Transvestite', each track is a journey through the wild, wonderful world of Frank-N-Furter and his peculiar posse.

Riff Raff's Dual Role

Riff Raff, played by Richard O'Brien, is not only a pivotal character but O'Brien was also the mastermind behind Rocky Horror, having written the original stage show and co-writing the film's screenplay.

This music, folks, is the glue that holds the mayhem together. It’s why fans can’t just sit still in their seats. They jump up, they shout, they dance, and they become part of the pandemonium. It’s a communal revelry, a celebration of the weird, the wild, and the wonderful.

And let’s face it, when you’re at the Rocky Horror Rendezvous, belting out these tunes with a crowd of fellow fanatics, you’re not just singing songs – you’re casting spells. You’re conjuring the spirit of the film, reliving its mayhem, and keeping the eternal flame of Rocky Horror burning bright.

So, warm up those vocal cords, practice your jump to the left, and a step to the right. Because when 'The Time Warp' kicks in, you won’t just be singing along; you’ll be part of the Rocky Horror legend.

Trivia Time: Know Your Rocky Horror

Alright, you savvy scholars of the scandalous and sublime, it’s trivia time! This isn’t your grandma’s bingo night – this is the Rocky Horror trivia, where knowledge of the bizarre is your ticket to glory. So, let’s peel back the curtain on some delicious tidbits that'll make you the king or queen of quiz night.

First up, did you know that 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' holds a Guinness World Record? That’s right – it’s the longest continuously running movie in history. Since its release in 1975, it’s never been pulled from theaters. That’s like, what, a gazillion screenings? Give or take a few.

Now, let's talk characters because in this glitter-drenched galaxy, everyone’s a star. From the sweet and naive Brad and Janet to the diabolical yet debonair Dr. Frank-N-Furter, each character is a masterpiece of madness. Let's not forget the hunchbacked handyman Riff Raff, the tap-dancing Columbia, and the muscle-bound Rocky. Remember their quirks, their lines, and, of course, their fabulous outfits – because these details are gold in trivia town.

And here’s a juicy morsel: The lips that famously appear in the opening song 'Science Fiction/Double Feature' belong to none other than Patricia Quinn, who plays Magenta in the film. But the voice? That’s Richard O'Brien, the mastermind behind Rocky Horror and our beloved Riff Raff.

So there you have it, my brainy band of Rocky Horror buffs. Arm yourselves with these facts, and you’ll be the titan of trivia, the sultan of savvy. And remember, at the Rocky Horror Rendezvous, it’s not just about what you know – it’s about flaunting that knowledge with the flair of a Transylvanian in heat.

Study up, show off, and let’s do the Time Warp of trivia together!

Celebrity Narrator

Did you know the criminologist narrator in 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' was played by Charles Gray, known for his role as Blofeld in the James Bond film 'Diamonds Are Forever'?


As the final curtain falls on our whirlwind tour of fishnets, time warps, and trivia, it's time to take a bow and gear up for the main event. The Rocky Horror Rendezvous at Millennium FANDOM BAR is more than just a night; it's a cosmic journey into the heart of fandom.

Picture this: a bar swarming with Riff Raffs and Magentas, Brad and Janets, all mingling, sipping on luscious libations, and sharing in the communal love for the weirdest cinematic gem ever birthed. This is where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, where your inner alien or mad scientist gets to shine brighter than the lights of Vegas.

Remember, dear friends, this isn’t a screening of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' – we’re all about the spirit, the celebration, and the unabashed revelry that the movie inspires. It’s a place to make friends, make memories, and maybe even make a little bit of sweet transvestite history.

Columbia's Tap Dance

Little Nell, who played Columbia, was discovered by chance while tap dancing for coins on a street in London, leading to her iconic role in 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'.

So, don those platform boots, slick on that glitter, and come on down to Millennium FANDOM BAR. Whether you're a Rocky Horror veteran or a virgin (hey, we all were once), you’re in for a night that’ll shake your reality to its core.

And hey, while you’re basking in the glow of the Rocky Horror Rendezvous, don't forget to support the fantastic Frankie's Favorite Obsession and their mission for love, awareness, and body positivity. It's all about community, camaraderie, and celebrating the quirks that make us fabulous.

The doors swing open at 7pm, with the shenanigans kicking off at 9pm. No cover charge (because we love you that much), but remember – it's 21+ only, so leave the kiddos at home.

Don't dream it, BE IT, at the Rocky Horror Rendezvous. 'Cosplay or not, Let's Fandom!'