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Captain's Blog, Stardate 052024.29: Unleash Your Inner Unicorn: A Guide to Sparkling Pride Cosplay

Captain's Blog, Stardate 052024.29:  Unleash Your Inner Unicorn: A Guide to Sparkling Pride Cosplay


Yuri on Ice Breaks Barriers

'Yuri on Ice', a popular anime series, was groundbreaking for its portrayal of a same-sex relationship between Yuri and Victor. Their relationship progresses from coach and student to romantic partners, culminating in a heartwarming kiss that was celebrated for its positive depiction.

Hey there, you majestic creatures of light and sparkle! It’s that time of year again—PRIDE month—and this time around, we’re taking it up a notch. So polish those horns, fluff up those rainbow wings, and slap on some sparkle. The Unicorns & Rainbow's PRIDE Party at Millennium FANDOM BAR is about to get glitteringly real. Why? Because this isn't just any bash—it's a flamboyant festival where your wildest fantasies take flight. And guess who's joining the fabulous fray? That’s right, even Deadpool, the sass-master of spandex, is gearing up to go full unicorn fanboy with us. Because if there’s anything Deadpool loves almost as much as chimichangas, it’s a good party—especially one with unicorns.

So, whether you're a die-hard cosplayer, a lover of all things bright and beautiful, or just in it for the fun, gear up for a night where we celebrate love, diversity, and the magic of truly outrageous outfits. Let’s make this PRIDE Month shimmer brighter than a disco ball in a hall of mirrors. Get ready to strut, flutter, and sashay through the most enchanting night of the year. Because remember, at the Unicorns & Rainbow's PRIDE Party, ‘Cosplay or not, Let’s Fandom!’

Dress to Impress—or to Just Plain Dazzle

1. Sparkle Like You Mean It: Sparkle isn't just an accessory; it's a statement. This isn’t just a party; it’s an extravaganza of expression. So, think glitter, sequins, and all the colors of the rainbow exploded onto a canvas—now make that a costume. If it shines, shimmers, or sparkles, it’s your go-to material. And if you’re thinking, "Can I pull off a full-body glitter suit?" The answer is a resounding "Heck, yes!" Because at a party where unicorns meet rainbows, more is more and over-the-top is just right.

2. Wings and Things: Wings aren’t just for birds; they’re for anyone who wants to soar above the mundane. Pegasus wings, fairy wings, or even dragon wings—if it’s fantastical and fabulous, strap it on. Remember, this is your night to soar high on the winds of fabulousness. If it’s your first time making wings, just remember: bigger is better. There’s no such thing as too big when you’re channeling your inner mythical creature at a PRIDE party.

3. Horns of a Dilemma: To horn or not to horn? That is never the question. The answer should always be a thunderous yes. Whether you’re crafting them from lightweight materials like foam, buying them from a crafty wizard online, or repurposing something utterly bizarre—make sure they stand tall and proud. Your horns are your crown, so wear them like the royalty you are.

4. Pride Symbols with a Twist: Weave in the iconic rainbow or other pride symbols to shout your identity loud and proud. Whether it’s a cape sweeping behind you as you parade through the crowd or a tastefully done face paint job, let your true colors shine through. It’s about expressing who you are with a touch of magical flair, so don’t hold back on the colors or the creativity.

Deadpool's Pansexuality

Did you know Deadpool is canonically pansexual? The character's co-creator, Fabian Nicieza, confirmed that Deadpool is "omnisexual" and his fluid sexuality has been depicted in both comics and subtly hinted at in films, embodying a free-spirited and all-encompassing approach to love.

5. Deadpool’s Cameo: No, not the actual Merc with a Mouth, but why not channel a bit of his irreverent spirit? Mix in some Deadpool elements—maybe those trademark katanas with rainbow ribbons? Or how about a unicorn backpack brimming with cheeky charm? After all, when Deadpool and unicorns collide, you know it’s going to be a party to remember.

Document Your Journey

The fun of creating your cosmic mash-up costume doesn't start at the party—it begins the moment you dream up your wild idea. Why keep all that fun to yourself? Share your costume creation journey from sketch to final sparkle with us and the whole fandom community!

1. Share Early, Share Often: Got a sketch of your Pegasus-winged superhero or your sparkly unicorn ensemble? Post it! Found the perfect sequined fabric that screams your alter ego? Show it off! Use the hashtag #MFBRainbowsPride to keep all of us in the loop. Every post is an invitation for feedback, support, and maybe even a little collaboration from fellow fans.

Korra's Journey

In the series finale of 'The Legend of Korra', Korra and Asami walk into the spirit world together, hand-in-hand, confirming fan theories about their relationship. This moment marked one of the first significant lesbian relationships portrayed in a mainstream animated series.

2. Behind-the-Scenes Magic: People love seeing how creative magic happens. Share videos or live streams of you crafting your costume, choosing your materials, or even testing out how your wings flap. It’s not just about showing the finished product—it’s about celebrating the craft and creativity that goes into making it.

Northstar's Historic Wedding

Northstar, a member of Marvel's X-Men, was the first openly gay superhero to have a same-sex marriage in mainstream comic books. His wedding in 'Astonishing X-Men #51' was a landmark moment in comic history, celebrating diversity and love.

3. The Big Reveal: On the day of the event, make a splash with a grand unveiling of your costume on social media before you head to the party. Take us on a quick tour of your outfit, explaining your inspirations and the different elements you incorporated. It’s your moment to shine and strut your stuff, even before you hit the dance floor.

4. Live from the Event: Don’t put your phone away just yet! Once you’re at the Unicorns & Rainbow's PRIDE Party, take us along. Snap pictures, record videos, go live—show everyone the energy and excitement of the night. Capture the colors, the costumes, and the cheers, not just of your own but of the incredible community around you.

5. The After-Party: The event might end, but the memories don't have to. After the party, share your experiences, the friends you made, and maybe even the inspiration for your next big cosplay idea. Keep the community buzzing and the creativity flowing until the next big bash.

Tracer's Holiday Surprise

Blizzard Entertainment's 'Overwatch' revealed in its digital comic 'Reflections' that Tracer, one of the first characters introduced, is a lesbian. The comic shows her celebrating the holidays with her girlfriend, a significant step towards inclusivity in video games.


As the stars align this Saturday, get ready to step into a world where fantasy and freedom reign supreme at the Unicorns & Rainbow's PRIDE Party. This isn’t just another themed night; it’s a kaleidoscope of creativity, a celebration of diversity, and an explosion of color—all wrapped up in the magic of PRIDE Month.

So dust off your glitter, polish your horns, and charge up your cameras. Millennium FANDOM BAR is ready to transform into a playground of the fantastical and the fabulous. Wear your pride like a badge of honor, your cosplay like a mantle of joy. Whether you come as a mythical creature, a beloved superhero, or a dazzling fusion of both, remember—this party is about more than just showing off your creative costumes; it’s about embracing and celebrating the vibrant spectrum of love and identity.

Final Cheer

Let your creativity loose, let your colors fly high, and let’s make this PRIDE celebration one for the history books. Share your journey, strut your stuff, and let’s fill this night with as much laughter and love as we can muster. After all, in the world of unicorns and rainbows, there are no limits—only endless possibilities.

Cosplay or not, let’s fandom together! See you there, where every sparkle tells a story and every costume sings a song of pride.