Captain’s bLog 212021.1 : America, My Love…

Captain’s bLog 212021.1 : America, My Love…

10 years ago, I became an U.S. Citizen. A pivotal point in my life. Time flies by but I remember vividly that day like it was two hours ago. Las Vegas, America, my country by heart now! The softly warm sun was welcoming me to my new country like a dear friend patting my shoulder with a crisp yet energizing breeze. The ceremony was all heart. The judge was exuding his pride of the U.S. Constitution and his message of welcoming new citizens was felt like a blessing.

After filling all the paperwork for the US passport, I went outside, to my country of adoption who welcomed me as one of her sons, and right there, I jumped on the 3-feet tall wall and did my ultimate dance of Happiness: booty’s out and booty shake like Elvis was playing with his guitar “Welcome to Vegas baby” while my dearest friend Norma almost choked laughing so hard! Happiness is contagious, and that tsunami of Joy was not taking over my body, but instead freeing it for few minutes of any thoughts.

That level of Joy and pride I felt inside might have sparked and nurtured this supernova, deep in my core, that I’m trying to share with everyone around me, and especially at the Millennium Fandom Bar. Feeling this intense Joy is a true privilege and sharing it with others looking for their own “State of Grace” moment is another privilege.

I don’t come from a “third-world” country, I come from Paris, France, a fantastic destination in life with all its marvel, but like a curious young man, I wanted to experience more of the “zeta-zuni” after my first visit in 1996 with my brother and a high school friend doing his A.I. summer class in San Diego.

We immediately felt in love and I knew I wanted to come back and “do stuff in the USA!” And I’m glad I did.

After many years of hard work, dedication, and focus, I was able to create the first Fandom Bar: The Millennium Fandom bar aka MFB. That little achievement validated all the sacrifices I made and granted me the real wealth: in human interactions. Bringing Joy and connections between people is my real success. Though I was “successful’ on that part in France too, mixing the business aspect with the human touch is what America allowed me to accomplish.


Alex Pusineri, Founder & Owner of the Millennium Fandom Bar, Las Vegas, U.S.A.

Las Vegas is my Home. America is my Home. France is my Home. And I’m a very fortunate man to have both, to have You in my life and to look forward for plenty and exciting adventures!

“May The Force Be With You, and Live Long and Prosper!”

Alex Pusineri, Founder & Owner of the Millennium Fandom Bar, Las Vegas, United States of America, at Your Fandom Service!