Captain's Blog, Stardate 012024.12: Are You Capitol Chic or District Daring? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

Captain's Blog, Stardate 012024.12: Are You Capitol Chic or District Daring? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

Hey there, tributes and trendsetters of the Millennium FANDOM BAR! It's time to grab your quivers, don your most outrageous wigs, and take a plunge into the heart of Panem. But hold your Mockingjay pins – before you jump into the fray, we've got a burning question hotter than Katniss's Girl on Fire ensemble: Are you more Capitol Couture or District Rebel?

Know Your Allies?

Think you know your friends? Test their true colors with our quiz! Will they stand with the Capitol's glitz or join the gritty Rebellion? Share the quiz and uncover the secrets – no backstabbing, we promise!

We know, we know – choosing between flaunting that lavish Capitol glitter and embracing the gritty resilience of the Districts is like picking your favorite child (or your favorite Hunger Games book – we're not judging). But fear not! We've cooked up a quiz zanier than Effie Trinket’s wig collection and more insightful than Haymitch on a good day.

A Pin of Rebellion

Did you know the Mockingjay pin wasn't given to Katniss by Madge in the Hunger Games movies? This change from the books left many fans surprised, as the pin's origin is a subtle yet pivotal detail in the story!

“Capitol Chic or District Daring?” – that’s the question of the hour. Will you strut through the streets in a getup that screams “I’m fabulous and I know it,” or are you all about that underdog, mud-splattered charm? Dive into our quiz and discover where your loyalties lie. Just remember, in the world of Panem, style is a game, and this game’s got stakes higher than President Snow’s hairline.

Gala of the Year!

Ready for an epic Saturday night? Join us at MFB for the Hunger Games Gala at 8 PM January 13th. Whether you're team Capitol or team District, it's your night to shine. 'Cosplay or not, Let's Fandom!'

Get ready to click, laugh, and possibly have an identity crisis (the good kind, promise). Let's see where you land on the Panem spectrum. Will it be sipping champagne in the Capitol or roughing it with the rebels? Only one way to find out!

Take the Quiz below – And may the style be ever in your favor! 


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What's your go-to party outfit?
A) A shimmering, high-fashion ensemble with extravagant accessories.
B) A stylish, designer dress or suit with a touch of flair.
C) A comfortable, casual outfit with personal touches.
D) Handmade or thrifted clothes that tell a story.
How do you like to travel around the city?
A) In a luxurious, self-driving car with all the latest tech.
B) By a sleek, modern public transport system.
C) Riding a bike or walking to keep it eco-friendly.
D) Skateboarding or using other unconventional means.
What's your ideal way to spend a free evening?
A) Attending a high-profile gala or exclusive event.
B) Dining at a trendy, upscale restaurant.
C) Having a quiet night in with a few close friends.
D) Gathering around a bonfire or participating in community events.
What's your favorite type of entertainment?
A) A grand opera or an exclusive art exhibit.
B) A popular new movie or a musical theater performance.
C) A local band performance or a community play.
D) An open-mic night or a grassroots political rally.
What's your approach to a new fashion trend?
A) Always ahead of the curve, adopting trends before they're mainstream.
B) Enjoy following trends, but with your unique twist.
C) You prefer classic styles that stand the test of time.
D) Trends don't interest you; you make your own style or go thrift shopping.
If you could have any job in Panem, what would it be?
A) A high-ranking official in the Capitol's government.
B) A renowned stylist or chef in the Capitol.
C) A teacher or doctor in one of the districts.
D) A leader or organizer in the rebellion against the Capitol.
How do you react in a crisis?
A) Take charge and lead others with a hands-on approach.
B) Stay calm and use your charm to defuse the situation.
C) Use your influence to get others to handle it for you.
D) Work with your community to find a practical solution.
What's your preferred choice of beverage?
A) A simple, homemade brew or tea.
B) An exclusive, rare vintage wine or cocktail.
C) Water from a natural spring or homemade juice.
D) A trendy new coffee blend or a craft beer.
What's your favorite leisure activity?
A) Visiting a high-end spa or lounge.
B) Exploring nature or engaging in outdoor sports.
C) Reading or engaging in a creative hobby like painting.
D) Attending exclusive parties or high-society events.
What's your dream home like?
A) A stylish, urban loft with modern amenities.
B) A cozy cottage surrounded by nature.
C) A sustainable, off-grid cabin in the woods.
D) A lavish mansion with opulent decor.
Choose a mode of transport in Panem:
A) A luxurious hovercraft exclusive to the Capitol.
B) A sturdy, reliable horse from the Districts.
C) The high-speed monorail used in the Capitol.
D) A functional, community-run bus service.
What's your approach to new technology?
A) Cautious, preferring proven and reliable tech.
B) Enthusiastic about trying the latest gadgets.
C) Always the first to own the newest, high-end tech releases.
D) Skeptical, often avoiding tech unless necessary.